Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Post That Started All of This

A couple of months ago I had a particularly trying time with my daughter and needed to reflect upon the events in the best way, I know how, through writing. This post in my Eclectic blog resulted. I posted the link to my Facebook and was overwhelmed with the response from friends, colleagues and former students. I knew I had struck a chord and I knew that while there are many people out there with psychology degrees perhaps more qualified than me to talk about raising teenagers, I really do have a great deal of hands-on experience in this field. I mean, I've been dealing with teenage girls for over three decades at this point. I'm including dealing with being a teen myself, but then early on as a 20 year old camp counselor I started to work on a residential level with that age-group.  And since 1995 I have worn the zillion hats that boarding school teachers wear and have dealt with probably over a thousand different young women in a zillion different capacities. But while that experience certainly has informed and prepared me for the teenager under my roof, the reality still is this, no amount of preparation can simulate the reality. So the post, was my realization that the most interesting ride is ahead of me. Come along if you will and share with me your experiences, too. In the words of the cheesy High School Musical that my Class of 2009 freshman subjected me to on a daily basis "We're all in this together. . . . "

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